Sunday, 5th September, 2021

For DSLR scanning this is an alternative to the Essential film holder. It includes 35mm, 120 and 4x5, which is appealing, and a light box. The EFH is just 35mm and 120 and no light source, but also cheaper at £90 vs $300 (£220).

Still waiting for a notification that the cheap copy stand I saw is back in stock.

I’ve started wondering if I should pay for Flickr Pro. I’m not entirely sure why, it’s not for backing up photos, but it seems like the only photosharing website that I can stand. Although I’m not that bothered about sharing my photos.

Spent a while last night tweaking the forums. I do like discourse as a piece of software. Just still not quite sure it’s what I want in general. Although I sometimes think I invent scenarios in my head that I’m trying to address…probably many of them aren’t real or are ever going to be. I guess I’ll just keep it as if I do revert to a more traditional blog, ie get Ghost setup, I can use it as a comments backend. Although maybe people don’t like that as there’s no quick comment option.

I looked at Wordpress and decided I didn’t like it….maybe I was too premature…I now don’t like Ghost, so removing it and might as well try out Wordpress first…this theme looks nice. Well, I installed Wordpress.

Interestingly, Wordpress and Ghost both suffer handling image uploads on this free Oracle VPS. Perhaps a setting somewhere but wordpress is php and ghost nodejs It was nginx. What is even more interesting is that Discourses seems to handle it just fine as I think they compress it client side before uploading.

All this blogging] stuff is starting to clog up the dailies.

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