Monday, 23rd August, 2021

huh…Literally whilst I was using this today’s journal note has disappeared…I dug it out of github, although single page in git is painful. Count 3 of github saver woes.

Browsing Product Hunt collections is a great way to generate more ways to waste time.

Part way through my decompessing Meditations into individual tiddlers - via python not hand. I have a json of with tiddlers per book but I want per paragraph. That way I can transclude one per journal and take time to consider it, maybe reflect on it and favourite any good ones. I’m sure all that can be automated in TW but I might just do the manual transclusion. [[Stoicism]] resonates with my natural disposition so I enjoy reading about it. I also like ancient Rome and Greece so it’s a good combo.

Should have a look through the TW dynalist to see if there are any good navigation ideas. I want to keep it simple. Added [favourites( for now. I like this but not sure if I want to use it. Also the [Ghostwriter theme]] looks interesting as a blog theme… Best make a Tiddlywiki Hacks page else I’ll lose this.

Digging through my oldest wiki/notes backups and keeping the best parts.

I like Micheal’s site design and weekly notelogs.

[Get ready for HAUNT 2!( Best I can hope for is to make 10% on my GHST then win a portal with raffle tickets. Just not sure how many to use if Realms are coming along. These portals are going to be 800 GHST minimum - that’s ‘‘$1700’’, which is retarded. Although in the scale of NFTs it’s a penny in the street. There are so many items going to be listed…25,944..transactions are going to timeout and all sorts of nonsense. Best tactic is to go all in on a godlike the instant it opens…but so will 1000s of others…

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