Tuesday, 10th August, 2021

I’ve only had this a short time but I’m beginning to think that it should replace all my websites. I like the domain name too, maybe I’ll get bored of it all (like always) but so far I’m hopeful. Maybe I’ll keep a more ‘formal’ blog for ‘good’ posts that I want to put up and share, rather than pointing people to this rats nest of stuff.

Setup my Gemini blog, gemlog?, last night gemini://gem.alexjj.com. Probably will never put anything on it but there we go.

Finding some photos to print and send to people. I was going to write a review/post on the [[HP Tango]] at some point’ but like all my blog posts, it never gets written.

I should look for a ‘find all stubs’ thing so I can fill in the gaps when I’m looking for something to do, instead of mindlessly browsing reddit.

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