December 2016 Entries

Wednesday, 14th December, 2016

Back with messing about with VPSes. Should I run cozy or yunohost or just roll it myself. Each thing has trade offs:

  • Cozy - nice apps, a pain to install and get letsencrypt working.
  • Yunohost - nice to install, GateOne doesn’t work
  • Myself - takes longer but uses less resources, has what I need.

Probably going to go myself as whilst all the other apps are nice I don’t really need them. All I want is web based terminal (GateOne or maybe [Wetty. Needs weechat for irc/jabber, beancount, fava and vim to edit my money files remotely.

I pretty much know how to setup nginx, SSL, GateOne, etc. anyway. Just being lazy otherwise!!

Probably should also setup more on my SAN and not use VPS, although it’s nice having them always on and not relying on my internet connection and keeping it separate.

Decided! Time to wipe the new VPS, ready to spend another whole evening messing with it.

I should go to bed at 9 though…

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