Tuesday, 11th October, 2016

This week hasn’t been great at work. I’ve been tired and pretty much done nothing. Need to find something to do, and probably go to bed earlier. Been tired for a while it seems. Trying to do too many things. Need to focus on one thing in the evening as I can’t do everything I want to. Got inspired to be more organised and do the things I’ve read and know I should do like journaling. However, then spent an age working out how I should journal and what medium. Should it be online, in a book, in an app.

Seemed to have spent past couple of weeks faffing about with wiki’s and websites. Think my main site is good. Now just need to figure out wiki/blog/journal setup.

Options/decisions to be made about journalling:

  • Keep work and home separate or together?
    • If work is separate then I should use OneNote at work
    • Maybe my life journal includes both but I keep a more detailed work one on OneNote which includes specifics I’m doing, useful for PMP, driving others. Think I like the idea of that actually. Need to make a template and process to use ready for next year. Take laptop everywhere, etc. Let’s make a page for it.
  • Online or offline journal?
  • If online, then what app?
    • Dokuwiki - this is easy to configure and less faffing, wizzywig has some nice shortcuts. Can just git the whole folder and backup to private repo/pippi. Requires more resources to run…but it’s only me looking at it on VPS (for €3/yr). I’ve set this up now, so maybe just use it. I’ll transfer the other files from ikiwiki then shut it down. Was several hundred mb in files installed.
    • ikiwiki - blog built in how I want it. Markdown is nice. Nope. I’ve decided. Dokuwiki. It’s really nice looking. Wonder what it’s like to add entries on my phone.
    • Would like to make a book maybe?
  • Do I incorporate Lorelai’s journal in here?
    • Not as easy to do from my phone.
    • Keep using DayOne?
    • Think separate is better atm. I’ll see how I get on with this journal then decide later.

Okay tomorrow I should setup how I’m going to work in OneNote at work. I should go to bed now and try and sleep more. That should stop me feeling so bad. It’s too late to go too deep into things now.

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