Thursday, 14th July, 2022

This page is about me figuring out what (and why) camera system(s) I should get. (Although not sure why I really need to but there we go). This is been extracted from a daily post as it’s a topic I’m going to come back to and would rather have it in one place. Also it’s possibly too embarrassing for people to read 😅

Well I’m not sure what the “problem” is. Something like I want to be able to take good photos in all situations I’ll find myself. Good being the difficult word to define, so something like: photos that don’t need too much cropping (in such that I lose quality by having to crop too much, I can still crop) or high iso noise. Good could also mean nice colours, bokeh, rendering, isolation, capturing the scene, in focus…, pretty much any way to describe a photo. So maybe good isn’t the right thing to define, as really any camera and decent lens will be able to do it - film, digital, small, large, mirrorless, mirrormore etc.

Perhaps situations is a better definition:

  • Indoors of family - home or away, restaurants etc.
  • Outdoors of family - ranging from back garden to places we go: beach, parks, walks etc.

These two are probably 90% of my photos, maybe even 98%.

The other 2% includes:

  • Kids at sports events and matches. Probably increase over time as the younger ones get older and do more. As an aside, I’d like to do swimming competition photography but you need a lot of paperwork to do that, which may not happen, and they may already have someone.
  • Macro of film for scanning. I don’t do this now as too much hassle. Maybe as film and development prices increase I may do it more. However if I’m just doing 35mm then a dedicated box might be easier. All this really means at the moment is that I’d need a camera that can take a macro lens - even manual focus.

All cameras are good, so not sure this is really going to work, but if it helps identify or eliminate something then it’s worth it for that.

I’d previously dismissed micro 4/3 sensors and cameras but this was educational reading for me. The pixel density, the faster lens options, and many have IBIS which all counter any theoretical loss of performance due to the sensor size. High ISO is worst but with faster lenses and IBIS means you can keep it lower. There are lots of nice lenses for MFT systems.

I’ve given up on the rationalisation of what I want. Basically comes down to: small, good lens availability, viewfinder, and, ideally, good SOOC jpegs as I cba with post-processing. Not bothered about full frame - I have film! But if I did go full frame then probably it would be M10, to help with the small size plus I want one. But in the meantime, I like using the Leica lenses adapted on the Fuji - so whatever I end up with then be good to adapt too. Although it’s not super convenient and not sure I’d use the manual lenses beyond their widest aperture. Maybe I’d just use the Fuji ones instead? I suppose I could do a test at some point.

So I’m thinking X-E4, Leica CL (again!), LUMIX GX80, and then there’s the X100V. The X100V is a tricky one. It’s a great camera and would generally work for the 98% of my photos. Just those 2% nag me, of course that’s when another camera (such as the one I already have 😅) could fill that role. I also think that it’s not a good complementary camera to a M10 (if I ever got one which if I did I could always sell the X100V as well… - none of this is irreversible if I don’t like something I can just sell it again).

The X-E4 let’s me use the Fuji lenses I already have. Like the 23mm f/1.4 that I always like using indoors, plus it has the latest colour settings like the X100V. The EVF looks a little small but probably be okay. I don’t really like the XPro3, the XT4 has good specs but I don’t like the screen. There’s the XS10 which I think has ibis but not sure I like the style. I actually bought one last year(?) but then sent it back.

The Leica CL is very small and always seems well received by forums - for ergonomics, performance, colours and good lenses. The only issue is it’s now a dead end system - those lenses aren’t useful elsewhere and it’s pricy, even used. Future me can always sell it or the lenses on but not sure if they’ll be worth much. Feel like they’ll either be in high demand due to some cult following or worthless as can’t go on anything. I’m also worried I’m “blinded” by the 🔴, and will in fact not be able to tell the difference whatsoever. People say they’re are great for adapting M lenses but not sure if they do anything different than all other mirrorless cameras with focus peaking and zooming…unless the sensor and colours work well or whatever?

The GX80 really intrigues me. It’s very small but can use lenses from both Panasonic (also branded Leica) and Olympus. All the stuff I talked about before with MFT. It interests me because it’s so different, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Again, the Leica lenses are interesting. I do think it makes a nice companion to a M10 though. I nearly bought one a few weeks ago. Still feels like a downgrade from the 24MP APS-C X-T2. They’re also good for video. Not that I take that much video but I would like to take more.

Friday, 15th July, 2022

I should bin the Leica CL. It’ll be a lot of money for probably not much benefit. Better off spending that money on: new Leica lens, towards M10, towards Q2, rowing machine!, just other stuff in general.

I’m really leaning towards to GX80. I should spreadsheet the price of it all. The body is cheap but not sure if the lenses I like will be. Also slightly worried that there’ll be no future bodies that I’ll want? I do like the small size of the telephoto on MFT.

The Q2 cropping factor has made me rethink it. I’d completely dismissed it as too wide, and maybe too big, but it’s probably not that big. Perhaps one to look at when I visit the Leica store. Would mean I’m not looking for new lenses. Just keep the X-T2 with the 55-230mm.

Saturday, 16th July, 2022

I’m all in on a Q2. Then I look at the prices, which are both very high and also very similar to a M10. So would I rather have a Q2 or a M10? Probably M10 as I want to use my M mount lenses more often. But Q2 would be so easy.

Monday, 18th July, 2022

Probably I should buy nothing? I wonder about Fuji’s future bodies. I don’t really want a XPro body. I don’t use OVF so it’s a waste of money. The XT4 is nice but the articulating screen is not what I want. Likewise the X-S10. The X-T3 doesn’t have all the extra jpeg settings that I want to use - particularly saving white balance per preset. Not sure it’s worth the upgrade over the XT2. There’s the XT30ii, probably has everything but might as well get the X-E4. I guess the XE4 is what I want or the X100V but then all the lenses…or even adapting lenses?

I’m not sure I want manual focus digital? I get more ISO. Vs film but hmm… the Q2’s lens is also big. Not massive but not that small. It would be like carrying the XT2. Plus so expensive. So very expensive.

I’m liking the idea of the Panasonic Lumix bodies - GX80 or the newer GX9. Nice size and lots of lenses and IBIS etc.

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