Sunday, 7th July, 2024

Ironically, I’ve been writing posts instead of investigating blog platforms. I don’t like the look of my Wordpress blog, it’s fine but meh. However, I can’t be bothered to figure out how to edit things or look for a new theme that will no doubt be the same 90% fine, 10% I don’t like. now has tags…that is good…

Still stuck on the idea of tiddlywiki. However, I think that’s just me being all idealist and unrealistic about how I could create this lovely ham radio garden and use all the clever features of tiddlywiki to link things together, and incrementally build stuff. I do have the wiki and I don’t do that there. Although a smaller subject domain might make it easier.

A static site takes a while to get setup, TW can hit the ground running. Although I end up installing a bunch of add-ons to TW. Oh I don’t know.

Almost summer holidays and warmer climates. Thought about taking my radio but not sure. There are a few summits nearby (a day trip) that have never been activated. I could be the first! Although maybe not in July when it’ll be boiling hot.

My daughter has pretty much commandeered my iPad for herself, and whilst I could still use it, I’ve not in a long time. I picked it up today and instead of looking at rubbish on the internet, I opened DayOne and made an entry for today. June was terrible. I have two entries, one of which is just “Father’s Day” with a photo. I think part of the reason is that I don’t make time for it by using the main computer more often. Whereas when I’m on the iPad, it’s easier to get into DayOne. Logically, it makes no sense, but that’s what happens. I also like typing on the Smart Keyboard. It’s beginning to fray at the edges and I worry about its longevity.

I wonder if I should setup my “writing station” again.

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