Wednesday, 29th December, 2021

I’m back on to wondering about Tinderbox again. I was reading Phil’s notes about Tinderbox and the references he posts. It is a very unique piece of software that can do all sorts. I already knew this. The trouble right now is we’ve been visiting family and I’m just with my iPad, so I wouldn’t be able to add anything to a Tinderbox file. Maybe that doesn’t matter…in fact it doesn’t. It is expensive as far as software goes but it’s like a fancy meal for 6 or something.

I did start looking at OmniOutliner, as it has an iOS companion app. I’ve got a 14 day trial but also thinking I only have about 2 days left of the Winterfest sale on Tinderbox. Perhaps the desktop version has more functionality but the ios one seems limited. The only “interesting” feature is adding columns to outlines, so it’s like a spreadsheet but with the hierarchy of the outline. It does have a few features for numbers, like averages and totals. You can’t set custom attributes to each node or do much else…at least not that I’ve found. You can script things to automate stuff.

However, I can’t see much in OmniOutliner that warrants its use over Dyanlist.

Saw a good deal on a 28” Samsung 4K monitor. The only trouble is my 2012 mac mini can only do 2650x1440.

Well I finally did it, I bought Tinderbox! Does look like my sort of application - perfect for faffing about in but never actually writing anything 😅 Paypal had given me $5 as well, so that was nice. Now to read the endless blogs, tutorials and documentation I’ve saved about it.

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